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Fast Click - Braintraining

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THE FAST CLICK is an exercise for therapeutic brain-capacity training.The exercise is from the computer program Fresh Minder 2 ( and has been newly developed and extended especially for the mobile platform.
Fresh Minder 2 is a program packet that comprises 14 training modules and has been designed together with therapists and the department of neuropsychology of the institute of psychology at the Albert-Ludwig-University in Freiburg, Germany.
Attention: The Fast Click exercise has been optimized for the presentation on tablets and larger smart phones with 5 " or more. Due to some very small characters, it is not meaningful to use the app on smaller displays.
THE GAMEPLAYFind as fast as possible as all numbers from 1-40 and touch them one after the other in the correct order.
The numbers are randomly distributed on the screen and the sizes of the numbers vary in a wide range. So the search of the individual fields becomes significantly more challenging than it may seem at first glance.
THE EXCERCISE TRAINS✓ concentration✓ visual perception✓ perception speed✓ processing speed
Do you like challenges? Then try it for example with a mixture of numbers and letters - also in reverse order, if you like: T, 20, S, 19,... This requires an even higher concentration and trains your working memory in addition.
FEATURES✓ 4 different modes of training✓ administration of up to 6 users✓ high score lists for the individual modes of training✓ program settings
PRIVACYThe program saves your training results locally on your device. They remain there exclusively and will NOT be forwarded at all.In case of errors you have the option to send an error log to the Fresh Minder-Vertrieb in order to contribute to the improvement of the program. This will only happen upon your explicit request. The content of the error log will be visible on your screen before sending it.
PERMISSIONS* read phone state: this is necessary to pause the application when an incoming call is received